Luxury cuisines


SENA concept is high-class cuisine brand located in Paris, France. We helped our friends to pack their business in a bright but sleek design according to the concept of their logo
We’ve dwelled upon Cinzel typeface, the one from antiqua family fonts. This typeface references ancient times, however is still a perfect match to contemporary design. Its classical proportions are ideal to complete geometrical composition, underlying the design concept.
The company is sending a product that is needed to be seen. We decided to integrate a lot of the photo content to favorably highlight the main brand’s strength
We believe that the brand in its faces is a powerful instrument that helps to gain more clients, so we always try to provide the block with the team. In this case we managed to show the whole company’s way through the story one family
Why do we make a video?
Time goes by, websites can be changed or even deleted, so we want to save them and show to you in their original version :)

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