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We boldly assert that creative websites on Tilda are our thing. However, to create a conceptual product, it is important to develop a unique corporate identity first. And it all starts with a logo.

Initially, we developed three variants for OGANOV brand, each of which has its own fans among our and the client's team
First: Pure and Juicy
We mixed modern graphic design trends - large typography, abstract elements, and gradients. Сombination of grey and green allowed us to create a glow and ripple effect, which coolly emphasizes the slashed typography in the logo.

Triangle stands as our main graphic elements: an association with the start, launch, and promotion of a new business, and a circle, which refers to a full range of marketing services
Second. Bright and Contrasting
This variant took the classic black and white color palette, adding a striking and contrasting red. Thus, the simple font logo became bright and recognizable without losing its readability and brevity.

The highlighted letter 'A' served as a trademark, which can be recognized in any context and used as a separate graphic element in the design. Look closely and you can see an upward-pointing arrow in the outline
Third. Upbeat and Robust
We based on Panton 2021 colors, a flawless grey, and a refreshing yellow, smoothing out the contrast with a gradient. The minimalistic typeface doesn't overpower the lush concept.

In an easy-to-understand logo a looped arrow embedded in the letter "G" reflects the full cycle in the marketing agency's services
Of the three bold options, the first - the most futuristic - was adopted without any changes. The logo defined not only the style of the future website but also the entire media brand development
Why do we make a video?
Time goes by, websites can be changed or even deleted, so we want to save them and show to you in their original version :)

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