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Cozy multipage on mortgages only seems to be mission impossible. We created an American dream branding and atmospheric website. So that’s how it was
The client came to us with a Google reference - he liked the minimalistic design and simplicity. We have kept this concept: we used a light background, filled it with elements and colors of the company's corporate identity
The main task of the website is to enhance credibility in the American audience. A close teamwork awaited us: the client helped to realize this task and threw up cool ideas
Each illustration on the website was drawn by our illustrators. They reflect the company's values and evoke pleasant associations, relieving the fear of such a responsible business as a mortgage
Note, that borders and the difference in time zones are not a obstacles to us! We managed to build daily communication, despite the 12-hour time difference
The client fell in love with the site, and especially with the illustrations. We believe this is a victory: from the first English-language brand book to every tiny element on the blocks
Why do we make a video?
Time goes by, websites can be changed or even deleted, so we want to save them and show to you in their original version :)

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