People often come to us with non-standard tasks.
This time we made an express design for a Parisian PR agency in English. Seems unrealistic? Let us tell you the story!
We had only one reference: Palindrome, one of our websites. We never copy neither our own works nor the works of the others, which meant we had to give our best 200%
The design was based on the logo colors. Bold color schemes convey that the agency is not only watching the trends, but also is not afraid to implement them
Collages are the protagonists of the website design. We first discussed and approved the images together with the client using Miro, and then proceeded to create
We managed to be in over our heads for a cool project. The client was satisfied and immediately launched the site
Why making a video?
Time goes by, websites change or even are deleted, so we want to save and show them in their original version :)

Liked it?

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